The difference between air purifier and dehumidifier

As people’s requirements for the air environment increase, different kinds of electrical appliances that can improve the air environment will come into contact with air, such as air purifiers, dehumidifiers, etc. They also can improve the air quality, but do you know the difference between an air purifier and a dehumidifier?



  1. The difference of principle


The air purifier adopts the principle of filtration. The indoor polluted air is sucked into the purifier through a fan, and then through the action of the filter system and filter system, and filter element, the fine particles and odor gases in the air are filtered and absorbed, or decomposed into carbon dioxide and water.


The dehumidifier sucks indoor air into the dehumidifier through a fan. The compressor in the body can instantly condense the moisture in the air into the water tank. With the extension of time, the moisture in the air will become less and less. The humidity in the air is also reduced. This is similar to the dehumidification function of an air conditioner, but there is no dehumidification function of a dehumidifier that is efficient.



  1. The difference of function


The main function of the air purifier is to purify the air. It can be used to remove odors, dust, second-hand smoke, bacteria, mold, pollen, and even some function can also remove formaldehyde.


Dehumidifiers are mainly used to reduce or maintain the humidity of indoor air. Some dehumidifiers have dehumidification functions that can regulate air humidity within a certain range.



  1. The difference in purification effects


The air filter can filter the toxic and harmful substances in the air and play a role in purifying the air. The dehumidifier absorbs parts of the moisture in the indoor air to reduce the humidity and cannot purify the air.


There is a silver ion filter at the inlet of the dehumidifier, which mainly filters hair fiber and dust, and can sterilize at the same time. However, this effect is different from the purification effect of the air purifier.


Air filters are passive adsorption and cannot keep up with solving the problem of indoor air pollution. If you want to remove formaldehyde. It is recommended to choose a scientific and effective formaldehyde removal product, and then cooperate with an air filter for better results.


There are still many differences between air purifiers and dehumidifiers. I hope you can choose what kind of equipment to improve the indoor air environment according to your actual need.

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