What should I do in case of a flood?

Unforeseen circumstances, many times the house you are living in may have forgotten to turn off the faucet due to personal negligence, or the natural aging of the water pipe caused a burst, or the heavy rain brought by a hurricane caused the indoor “to flood”. Your peaceful life brings great troubles. , Is a kind of “fatal” injury to wood products and carpets. If the amount of water damage is small and you can deal with it yourself, but if you really leave home in the morning and “go to work happily”, and when you open the door at night when you return home, you find that everything at home is soaked in the water, what should you do?

If you encounter this situation, you should:

Do not enter a humid area impulsively, as it may be charged.
Find a dry place and use the main switch at home.
Go inside, look for leaks, and close them immediately; if you can’t find them, go outside and turn off the main sluice that leads to the house.
Try to take out all items that are afraid of water, such as electrical appliances, books, clothing, furniture, etc.
Call the insurance company (if you have property insurance).
If your house is covered by accident insurance for house + property, then the subsequent processing will be much simpler. There are not a few houses that “flood” every year, and all insurance companies have very mature claims settlement methods to assist users. When you see your favorite furniture, bedding, clothing, toys, and electrical appliances in the water, you may be at a loss; generally speaking, the insurance company will send a 24-hour professional “flood” treatment personnel directly Come to check the situation, although they are “drainage experts”, because this kind of thing is common, they will guide you on how to minimize the loss, and how to organize the room to leave room for drainage work.

Of course, in this case, you can hire a professional team, the professional team will spend a few days to dehumidify, dry, and sterilize your room. Of course, if you do not have insurance, the bill for damage caused by the flood this time may be five-figure.
The best and cheaper way is to buy a dehumidifier, preferably a commercial dehumidifier, because the efficiency of dehumidification is very high, and after a good strategy, I think you can easily operate the dehumidifier to dehumidify.

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