Do you know about ozone generator?

Ozone generators and their serious products can be widely used in municipal drinking water treatment, sewage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment flue gas denitration, pulp bleaching, fine chemical oxidation, and other fields.

The equipment has the characteristics of beautiful and generous, high corrosion resistance, sanitary stainless steel pipelines, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance, and oxygen purity obtained by ozone production is more than 90%.


It is high efficiency and easy to operate, with low energy consumption. The plasma disinfector can also degrade the harmful and toxic gases in the air while disinfecting for formaldehyde 93% for benzene,78% for ammonia, and 96% for xylene. At the same time, it can effectively remove pollutants such as smoke and smoke smell. And there is a soft magnetic sticker for mosquito prevention is attached.

The usage of ozone generator

  1. sterilization and disinfection


Ozone is a gas disinfectant, and its sterilization process is strong oxidation that makes a variety of components in microbial cells react, resulting in irreversible changes and death. Ozone inactivation of viruses is believed to be accomplished by direct destruction of RNA or DNA material.


And kill bacteria, mold type microorganism is ozone first action on the cell membrane, so that the membrane components are damaged, lead to metabolic disorders and inhibit its growth, ozone continues to permeate destroy membrane tissue until killed. The increase in humidity increases the killing rate because the membrane expands and becomes thinner under high humidity, and its tissues are easily destroyed by ozone.


  1. deodorization and purification


Ozone has excellent odor removal performance. Depending on its oxidation properties, it can quickly decompose organic or inorganic substances that produce odor and other odors. The main components of the odors are amine R3N, H2S, methanethiol CH3SH, etc. Ozone decomposes it oxidatively, leaving the product odorless.



The risks of ozone


According to the National Ambient Air Quality Standards(NAAQS), ozone concentration is the limit that can be accepted by people in an hour. Exposure to ozone at least for 1 hour can cough, dyspnea, and decreased lung function.

Ozone can also participate in the reaction of understanding fatty acids, amino and other proteins in organisms, causing fatigue, cough, chest distress and chest pain、skin wrinkling, nausea and headache, rapid pulse memory loss, vision loss, and other symptoms in people directly exposed to high concentrations of ozone for long time.

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