The basement is often forgotten when it comes to regular house cleaning. Well, that is quite understandable as it is a hidden space that is not accessed by most most basements are left uncleaned, the build-up of dirt keeps increasing. At times this gets you thinking how can I get rid of all this dirt? Well not to worry. We have got you covered.

Here are four simple cleaning solutions that will leave your basement floor looking brand new.


Concrete basement floors can be cleaned by scrubbing using a nylon brush{ metallic brushes are not recommended for this job} using warm water and cleaning solutions you can scrub the floor with the nylon brush to make it sparkling clean. The type of cleaning solution you will use will depend on the type of stains on the floor. Tougher stains require stronger cleaning solutions. When choosing a solution to use, make sure to go with the one most recommended when it comes to stain removal, child safety and environmental conservation. Eco friendly cleaning solutions are often seen as the most.


This form of cleaning is usually done to remove foul smells from the basements and leave it smelling fresh. The mildew on the basement floor often gives up a foul smell causing the entire basement to smell. First, the windows should be open to let in fresh air. To remove the growth of fungus on the floors you should spray them with the bleach and warm water then scrub with a nylon brush. Use of metal brushes is not advised as the bristles may break and rust creating a problem instead of a solution. An easier process for removing bad odour from basement floors is sprinkling it with bleach powder and letting the smell soak in it for twenty four hours before sweeping it or vacuuming works just like magic. Clean the area using warm water and soap until the stain and solvent have both been wiped off. This however is only effective for easier stains to clean.

Efflorescence removal:

This is the white powdery substance that at times accumulates on the floors. This can be removed by cleaning it with a nylon brush or a damp mop or rag. Due to the fact that efflorescence is caused by water that did not dry up after cleaning, thus it is maylikely reappear a while after cleaning. In that case, you are advised to install water proof material in your basement.

Rust stain removal:

This is the easiest stain to remove among all the stains for this you just have to sprinkle it with cement and scrub it using a stone {preferably a flagstone}.that combination will surely remove the stain. Rust stains can also be removed using solvents such as lemon juice, vinegar or apple cider. While using these substances, you first pour the solvent on the floor, and leave it to soak on the floor for a few minutes, after it hassoaked

Painting and replacement of permanently damaged floors:

In some extreme situations, the floors in the basements may have some stain that cannot be removed using any of the above cleaning solutions. In such situations, the only solution may be to paint or replace the floors. Painting works best on floors that have permanent stains that cannot be cleaned using even the strongest cleaning solutions. The coat of paint will cover up the damages. In situations where the floor is cracked, then the best solution is to replace it. Give your basement floor a complete make.

As much as the basement may not be a major part of the house hold, it is always best to keep it clean as dirt may often lead to infections and avoidable diseases caused by dirt. It is always best to keep your basement organised so as to avoid the accumulation of dust on the floors making the cleaning easier.

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