Dehumidifier selection skills

Nowadays, the number of dehumidifiers on the market has greatly increased, but how to choose a dehumidifier that suits you is very important, and teach you how to choose a dehumidifier.

Indicators that should be paid attention to when buying a dehumidifier

Dehumidification amount. The amount of dehumidification is the amount of water removed from the air. The unit of dehumidification is generally pints per hour or pints per day. very big.noise. Noise comes from the work of the internal fan of the machine, which is inevitable. However, the brand dehumidifier will do noise reduction treatment in terms of noise. It can be judged according to whether there is a top noise reduction box and noise reduction duct and whether it meets the standard requirements.

Is there a humidity setting. Low-end dehumidifiers generally cannot set the humidity, which means they will dehumidify until the water tank is full. This type of dehumidifier sometimes dehumidifies too much, causing the humidity in the room to be lower than the most suitable humidity for the human body, so you must choose to bring Dehumidifier with humidity setting function.

Is it convenient for drainage? After the dehumidifier has gone through a certain amount of work, the water must be cleaned up in time, otherwise it will affect the dehumidification work. It is very important to choose equipment that can drain water automatically, or equipment with a water pump.

In summary, the choice of dehumidifier is particularly important. Recommend ALORAIR Sentinel HD55 dehumidifier, humidity control, automatic defrost, Energy Star certification, very low noise.

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