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AlorAir® Sentinel HD55

Aloriair® Sentinel HD55 Basement & Crawl Space Dehumidifier, Capacity: 55PPD(AHAM), 120PPD(Saturation) – Moisture Removal Capacity (115V/60Hz): 55 Pints/Day@AHAM (80°F-60%) – 120 Pints/Day@saturation (90°F,90%) – Control Mode: Wifi Controller
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AlorAir® Storm Pro

AlorAir® Storm Pro Commercial Dehumidifier For Water Damage Restoration (LGR Technology), Capacity: 85Pints, (AHAM) 160PPD (Saturation) The AlorAir® Storm Pro 85 Dehumidifier is Here to Change the game
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AlorAir® Storm Elite

AlorAir® Storm Elite Commercial Restoration Dehumidifier(LGR Technology) Built in Pump, Capacity: 125PPD (AHAM), 270PPD (Saturation) Surprise your Dehumidification-UNLEASHED!!! Storm Elite dehumidifier offers extraordinary performance in a variety range
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