7 common skin diseases in summer

As the summer approaches, the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Insects, bacteria and fungi that get a proper environment begin to grow. Various unpleasant skin diseases are also beginning to bother us. For this reason, we have to buy a variety of medicines to deal with these problems, and even more serious problems due to the inapplicability of medicine.

What factors can cause skin diseases?

  1. Sunburn- The summer is so hot, a seaside holiday is a joyful thing. Sunbathing is also a common thing on the beach, however, excessive sun exposure can cause erythema, and more severely, blisters, obvious burning pain and general malaise. To prevent sunburn, first avoid exposure to strong sunlight, and increase the amount of sunlight gradually. The treatment generally prescribes the right medicine.
  2. Photosensitive dermatitis- This is a disease that a few people have. It usually occurs 1-2 days after sun exposure, mostly on the face, neck, front of the neck, arms, upper limb. The main symptoms are small papules, small blisters, conscious pruritus, serious non-light parts can also produce symptoms. This condition is not painful, but has obvious itching and disappears very slowly. This is very necessary to take good protection from the sun.
  3. Viral dermatosis- The main diseases are chickenpox and rubella. Children are a high-incidence group of chickenpox, with a more rapid onset, accompanied by fever, fatigue, loss of appetite and other symptoms. Rubella is caused by rubella virus respiratory transmission of acute infectious diseases, people after inhalation over 2-3 week incubation period will appear symptoms.
  4. Prickly heat- This is one of the skin diseases you  can usually encounter in the summer caused by the clogging or rupture of sweat holes due to high temperature, high humidity, and excessive sweating in the environment. It occurs most often in infants, young children and pregnant women. Keeping the indoor ventilation and cooling, avoiding excessive humidity and high temperature in the environment, reducing sweating and accelerating sweat evaporation can effectively prevent the production of prickly heat.
  5. Papular urticaria- This disease is an allergic reaction caused by injecting saliva into the skin after being bitten by bed bugs, fleas, mosquitoes, etc. Mainly occurs on the trunk and limbs, Have obvious itching sensation. Try to minimize the use of grass, damp, and mosquito areas. Eliminating mosquitoes indoors and reducing humidity can prevent this disease.
  6. Tinea pedis and jock itch- This is a disease caused by fungal infections. Since fungi like a warm and humid environment, they often get worse in the summer. The main symptoms of tinea pedis are peeling between the toes, immersion and erosion, and blisters on the side of the foot. It may be itchy and expand outward. Moss appears on the inner thigh and the gluteal cleft is the ring-shaped erythema desquamation, which is enlarged in a centrifugal shape.
  7. Eczema- In summer, some people have developed sweat glands in their hands and feet, and sweat a lot, especially the feet. If they wear airtight shoes for a long time, the feet will peel, itchy, and blisters if they wear airtight shoes for a long time.

How to prevent?

Obviously, most summer skin diseases are related to high humidity. Therefore, the method to avoid is easy to understand is to reduce humidity.

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